Christoph Rothe

Columbia University
Department of Economics
International Affairs Building
420 West 118th Street, Room 1112
New York, NY, 10027

Curriculum Vitae
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Working Papers

  • The Value of Knowing the Propensity Score for Estimating Average Treatment Effects
    May 2016 [PDF]

  • Bounds on Treatment Effects in Regression Discontinuity Designs with a Manipulated Running Variable, with an Application to Unemployment Insurance in Brazil, with Francois Gerard and Miikka Rokkanen
    May 2016 [PDF]

  • Robust Confidence Intervals for Average Treatment Effects under Limited Overlap
    January 2016 [PDF]

  • Semiparametric Two-Step Estimation Using Doubly Robust Moment Conditions, with Sergio Firpo
    October 2015 [PDF]


  • A Discontinuity Test for Identification in Triangular Nonseparable Models, with Carolina Caetano and Nese Yildiz
    Journal of Econometrics (2016), to appear. [PDF]

  • Semiparametric Estimation with Generated Covariates, with Enno Mammen and Melanie Schienle
    Econometric Theory (2016), to appear. [PDF]

  • Decomposing the Composition Effect
    Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 33 (2015), 323--337. [PDF, Software (R codes and data sets)]

  • Misspecification Testing in a Class of Conditional Distributional Models, with Dominik Wied
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 108 (2013), 314–324. [PDF]

  • Partial Distributional Policy Effects
    Econometrica, 80 (2012), 2269–2301. [PDF, Software]

  • Nonparametric Regression with Nonparametrically Generated Covariates, with Enno Mammen and Melanie Schienle
    Annals of Statistics 40 (2012), 1132-1170. [PDF]

  • Identification of Unconditional Partial Effects in Nonseparable Models
    Economics Letters 109 (2010), 171-174. [PDF]

  • Nonparametric Estimation of Distributional Policy Effects
    Journal of Econometrics 155 (2010), 56-70. [PDF]

  • Semiparametric Estimation of Binary Response Models with Endogenous Regressors
    Journal of Econometrics 153 (2009), 51-64. [PDF, Software]